I am a Looking for a in

Hey you!

Yes you with the nice smile

You wanna know what I have for you?

I bet you do!

Well, move a little bit closer, baby...

Oh come on. Don't act shy.

There you go...

A little more...

Mmmm..now you got it...

ok, now lean your head down....

A little more


not that low!

back up a bit....

Ahhh, yes, there you go...

Now you got the hang of it.

Oh yeah..that's it!

Right there! Don't move!

Are you ready for your surprise?

Mmmmm....how bad do you want it?...

Ahhh, that bad huh?

Well, pucker your lips and close your eyes

cuz here comes your big surprise!

You've just been


Hawaiian Style.....

Pass this along to all the people you wanna lei!! Have fun!

Thank God for safe sex!
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